A significant portion of Dr. Komer’s gynecologic career has been devoted to helping women achieve a successful pregnancy. He has shared in the frustration and pain of women who have had trouble conceiving and has developed a plan of investigation and treatment that has allowed him, on countless occasions to share in the joy of pregnancy and birth with these same women.

This section will outline the plan, discuss options, dispel myths and offer hope and a positive attitude to those experiencing difficulties in conceiving.


I have spent a lot of my professional life in Obstetrics and Gynecology treating infertility. Two of my infertility patients phoned this morning to say  that they have positive pregnancy tests and both were ecstatic.

These patients once again impressed upon me the importance of supplying up to date information on getting pregnant when there is a problem. Therefore one of the next areas on www.DrKomer.com will be adding information is the section on infertility.

We not only want to discuss practical information but also want to give encouragement to couples who are having problems conceiving. It has been my feeling over the years that a positive approach increases pregnancy rates.

There are two new and exciting developments in infertility that I want to mention in this newsletter. The first is in the area of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCO). This condition often results in irregular periods and problems conceiving. Past treatments such as medication like Clomid have only been partially successful.

However there is a new treatment using the diabetes drug Metformin that has worked so well that almost every patient with PCO that I have treated has become pregnant on it. This has changed my management of this condition and has given superior results.

Another area of infertility that has been frustrating to deal with has been male infertility. The traditional sperm count has left a lot to be desired in both diagnosing and treating male infertility. The sperm count tells us the number of sperm that are present, the percentage that are shaped normally, and the percentage that are moving. However there is new advanced sperm testing available that tests for many other important factors that up until now have not been looked at. These factors include sperm velocity, sperm fragility, the presence of anti sperm antibodies, the ability of the sperm to dissolve its way into the egg, and the ability of the compacted chromosomes within the sperm to unravel.

All of these factors are important and we are pleased to offer the availability of this testing through our clinic.

Look for more information as we add it to the infertility section of this web site.

Best regards for now,

Dr. Larry Komer