How I Became Interested in Natural Therapies

Most physicians have had no training in natural products such as vitamins, herbs and botanicals. I was no exception. However, as time went on in my practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology, I became more frustrated with a large number of women who I could not help with traditional medicine.

As I talked with my patients and those at our seminars, I realized that more than 50 per cent of them had started taking natural products on their own, often with excellent results. In addition, women told me that our Menopositive seminar was relevant because we discussed all aspects of treatment including natural products. These facts spurred on my interest to learn about and do research with these products.

When I lead educational discussions with physicians, the first question they ask is “Do you know anything about natural products, since many of my patients are on them and I need to learn about them?”

You cannot open a newspaper or magazine today and not see something new about herbs and vitamins. However there is often conflicting information.

Complementary Medicine is the blending of traditional medicine and alternative medicine. I have incorporated Complementary Medicine into my practice in much the same way that I have merged new techniques of traditional medicine. I have given the patient alternatives, I have monitored the results, I have watched for side effects or therapies that have not worked, I have monitored the research and done my own and I have continued to recommend therapies that were beneficial. This is the experience that I will pass on here.

Potential Problems with Natural Products

  1. The therapy may not work.
  2. The therapy may work but there may be side effects or interactions with other drugs or natural products.
  3. The natural product may not contain what the label claims it contains or there may be contaminants. In other words, the quality may be poor. This is by far the most common problem that I see.

In this web site I will list possible side effects and interactions. Originally I had not intended to recommend specific brands but my patients and seminar attendees have asked that we do this. I will give you the benefit of my experience. There will in fact be other brands that may work quite well and my list is not meant to be all-inclusive.